Tracking economic and industry trends amidst COVID-19

February 2022

As we adapt to the new dynamics ushered in because of the pandemic, certain questions continue to dominate our daily mind space.

  • How are the mobility and economic sentiments influencing consumer demand?
  • Is there enough credit growth that can spur economic activity?
  • Which industry is likely to weather the storm of COVID-19 better and which industry will see difficult times ahead?

Do you know what the future of economy and industry holds? 

We are taking you one-step closer to help you keep track of the economic and industry impact of COVID-19. We are excited to introduce our COVID-19 Dashboard, a simple tracker that includes weekly, monthly, and quarterly data on the following aspects:

  • Economic indicators (real GDP, consumer prices, the unemployment rate, merchandise exports, and imports) 
  • Mobility, credit, and sentiment indicators
  • Industry indicators (Agriculture, TMT, ER&I, LSHC, FSI, and Consumer)  
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