PROPEL Retail and FMCG sectors

Deloitte-FICCI Report

As consumers and brands continue to be more ‘KONNECTED’ through technology and the internet/e-commerce ecosystem, brands must realise that today the consumer ‘LEADS’ conversations and brands need to move from the Business to Consumer (B2C) to Consumer to Business (C2B) mindset. They will have to cater to consumer needs in their product and service offerings and must ‘REBOOT’ and ‘EVOLVE’ their business models to succeed. While the FMCG and retail sectors have shown ‘RESILIENCE’ and rapidly adapted to the new normal, right support and interventions will PROPEL the sector to new heights and drive the economic growth of the country.

Digital and tech ‘propel’ Retail and FMCG sectors to reinvent in the new normal: Deloitte-FICCI Report

As FMCG and retail brands rebound post-pandemic with increased consumer spending, there is an evolving consumer behaviour influenced by technology and digital providing quick access, delivery, and convenience and consumption patterns are more nonlinear backed with constant connectivity.



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