KNOW your consumer

What you see is what you get!   

2021 Edition

India is witnessing a V-shaped recovery, coming back from a 23.9 percent contraction in GDP in Q1 and a 7.5 percent decline in Q2, to neutral-to-positive growth in Q3. It is showing a strong recovery across almost every key economic indicator. As a result of the rebound, India is expected to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the next two years.

Unlike previous economic crises, COVID-19 had affected both demand and supply and led to a complete shutdown for 2-3 months. The unprecedented nature of shock, the prolonged unplanned lockdowns, the associated uncertainty about the length and severity of the pandemic, and the increased spending on essential items (such as food and other non-durable consumer products) as families hoarded these in the early stages, caused imbalance across the entire value chain. The situation was especially bad for some sectors, such as offline non-essential retail, hospitality, food services, and travel, which completely shut down for many months. In response to this, the government announced various structural reforms to support production and accelerate demand, and various fiscal measures to try and boost the economic recovery.

Our point of view titled “KNOW your consumer” is an attempt to relook at today’s consumers, channels, and global markets, and provide an updated perspective for retailers to help them strategise in the new normal.

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