Deloitte-Nasscom on Generative AI

Generative AI is regarded as one of the most significant breakthroughs of the fourth industrial revolution, with the ability to significantly alter our lives and the way we work and play, one way or the other. It is imperative to understand where India is today on a global landscape. Download the latest joint thought papers by Deloitte-Nasscom on LLMs and GPU Cloud.

LLMs use complex and sophisticated statistical models to analyse vast datasets, identify patterns and connections in the data between words and phrases, and leverage these to eventually generate completely new text. Their applications span from conversational AI that furnishes contextually relevant responses, to condensing intricate documents into concise synopses, effecting smooth language translations, and even auto-generating intricate code snippets. It is imperative that while the necessary compute infrastructure is being set up, India should also pursue strategic efforts to initiate the process of developing a sovereign LLM.

Learn more about LLMs and what this means for India’s next tech revolution. 

Generative AI models need GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) to run and are fundamentally different from traditional computations, which modern CPUs are designed to do. Given the fast-paced developments and entrenched geopolitics, winning in the AI race requires India to place the right strategic bets in terms of acquiring the necessary computing infrastructure, identifying the most optimal modes of engagement with stakeholders, and further integrating the infrastructure into the India stack. To begin with, it is imperative to understand where India is today on a global landscape with regards to computing infrastructure, cloud services, and other relevant aspects. 

Explore GPU Cloud and how it can accelerate India’s AI economy.

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