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Deloitte and NORCAT

Collaborating to explore the future of mining

Deloitte Canada and NORCAT have entered into a strategic alliance—that will help the global mining industry better understand the latest mining technology and innovation trends. This unique collaboration will combine the on-the-ground insight from companies with emerging technologies installed at the NORCAT Underground Centre and the market knowledge of Deloitte’s global mining industry team.

Deloitte and NORCAT will work together to develop and distribute thought leadership briefings that highlight, discuss, and showcase examples of emerging technologies and innovations. These briefings are poised to contribute to the continuing transformation of the global mining industry.


NORCAT is the only non-profit regional innovation centre in the world that has an operating mine designed to enable start-ups, small/medium enterprises, and international companies to develop, test, and showcase new and innovative technologies in an operating mine environment. This unique facility anchors one of the world’s leading advanced manufacturing and mining technology clusters and represents a “one-stop shop” to see future technologies and innovations that are poised to transform the global mining industry.

Quarterly insights

As a part of this partnership, Deloitte and NORCAT will release quarterly insights on catalysts and trends changing mining's future.

Future of mining with wearables: Harnessing the hype to improve safety

As mining operations become more complex with new technologies and automated machines, the drive to improve safety measures has become more vital. Wearables—clothing, gear, and other accessories incorporating advanced electronic equipment—are emerging solutions that are critical to ensuring mining executives are equipped to address health, safety, and environmental (HS&E) challenges. But, what are the challenges faced by leaders when adopting and implementing these technologies?

This report offers an understanding of the end-users’ needs and helps mining executives get a better understanding on how to engage frontline workers and external stakeholders, such as unions, in driving the adoption of wearables.

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Future of Mining with AI: Building the first steps towards an insight-driven organization

While AI has changed business outcomes for mining organizations in terms of enhanced operational efficiency and improved safety and health conditions, the question still remains: What are the first steps mining companies can take to adopt AI and what are the challenges encountered in the process?

This report offers insight into why mining companies have made the switch from traditional processes to AI-based applications, the benefits involved and the scope for optimizing investment.

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Future of Work in mining: Attracting, developing and retaining talent

In the second report in the Deloitte-NORCAT series on key trends in the mining industry, the focus shifts to the people equation. It examines where investments in innovation and technology are having an impact on work, workers and the mining workplace, for both front-line employees and management. More importantly, it provides an approach to talent acquisition and retention that organizations can use right away to identify and address these impacts.

Indeed, the Future of Work in the mining industry is here and continually evolving, and in ways where traditional methods of managing cycles, disruption and change no longer suffice—including waiting out markets until prices go back up, and finding ways to defer investment in technology. Drawing on recent research, this report has earned the view that in two to three years, significant changes already will have happened, and the Talent Approach outlined will help executives and senior management tomorrow by pointing to key areas of strategizing they can begin executing today.

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Mining innovation puts people first: Designing for users’ needs

In the current backdrop where the mining industry faces numerous challenges including declining productivity and rising costs, it is imperative to adopt a user-centric approach towards innovation. This has paved the path for organizations to implement Human-Centred Design, a methodology that accelerates product development and promotes faster adoption of innovative solutions.

Deloitte and NORCAT present an insightful report that puts the spotlight on how leaders in the mining industry are adopting Human-Centred Design, and as a result are reducing human error, enhancing mine operators’ productivity, and quality of life.

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