India Banking Fraud Survey

Edition IV, 2021


Financial crime across the globe is expected to rise in response to the uncertainty in the business landscape. For banks, the economic slowdown has only heightened the risk of fraud and money laundering. Banking sector regulators have been at the forefront of fraud mitigation strategies, prescribing frameworks that banks need to adopt to have a better view on fraud risks.

With this backdrop, the fourth edition of the Deloitte India Banking Fraud Survey attempts to understand banks’ mechanism to :

  1. Tackle fraud risks
  2. Impact of new operational models on fraud risk management
  3. Perspectives on making strategic investments for the future


Important information

We invite you to participate in this survey. Your participation is voluntary, and even if you choose to participate, you may withdraw from it any time.

The questions apply to organisations as a whole and not particularly to any of their personnel or functions. Your responses will remain anonymous and confidential and shall be used only for the purpose of data analysis.

Responses will be used in aggregate with that of other respondents and represented as such in a report (or other publication) in connection with this survey or such studies, analyses, or services.

There are no right or wrong answers; the study seeks to gather a general understanding of the landscape rather than that of any particular organisation.

Please feel free not to answer all questions, should there be any reason; the remainder of your responses will be included in the survey results. Additionally, please feel free to mention in your response that you do not know the answer to a particular question or it does not apply to you, if such is the case. If you are not sure that you understand the question or its intent, the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Limited Liability (DTTILLP) Forensic & Dispute Services (F&DS) Group will be happy to clarify and share language suggestions that will respond to the question as intended.

Thank you for your time and participation.


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