Center for Process Bionics 

India enablement  

Businesses have adapted to the “new normal” which varies from company to company. Centre of Process Bionics (CPB) India has ongoing conversations with various clients that have planned for re-budgeting and easing technology and transformation spends in the wake of the pandemic. Some of them have also resumed the programmes that were on hold last year. This continues to generate more traction on processmining technology.


CPB India team has developed new use cases and has also been working with existing clients to expand the process mining usage across the enterprise. Master Data Management is one such area, which is particularly interesting as until now it was always seen to be a function of Data Quality. Process mining helped us mine a Vendor Master Data process from onboarding of a new vendor through its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration. While other master data processes on product master data and customer master data have been equally transformative in nature, we are sharing some of our learnings from Vendor Master use case in this issue.

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