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How prepared is corporate India to tackle fraud?

An analysis of responses to Deloitte India's Forensic Fraud Risk Score self-assessment tool

To ascertain how companies are responding to the new legislative measures which mandate them to mitigate fraud as well as dynamic business changes, Deloitte India's Forensic practice has launched a unique web-based initiative in December 2014–a self-assessment tool which organizations could use to determine their levels of preparedness to tackle fraud, misconduct, and non-compliance. At the end of the assessment, users were given a ‘Fraud Risk Score’ indicating their preparedness levels, alongside potential areas of improvement, which could be used by them for course correction.

This self-assessment was undertaken by 250 C-Level Risk and Compliance professionals within twelve months of the tool's launch. We did an analysis of the responses, collated and released them in the form of a report, titled “How prepared is corporate India to tackle fraud?”. It highlights some of the key findings analyzed from the responses received as well as has a section on some measures that will help improve an organization’s preparedness to prevent, detect and respond to fraud. 

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