India Corporate Fraud Perception survey 2018

Close to a decade after the largest financial collapse in Indian corporate history, Indian organizations continue to be exposed to corporate fraud, misconduct, and non-compliance. In this decade, organizations have experienced financial misstatement, bribery and corruption, large scale supply chain leakages and grey marketing of products, data theft due to large scale hacking, ransomware attacks, and regulatory noncompliance.

About the Survey

The quantum of frauds discovered over the years in India and the associated modus operandi continue to pose challenges towards developing effective anti-fraud strategies. While technology has enabled business processes, has it perhaps complicated fraud risk management efforts? Is today’s fraudster more emboldened than before? Can new legislations effectively curb fraudulent practices?

The third edition of our survey aims to unearth prevailing leadership perceptions around some of these questions.

The survey comprises two parts– a profile section and a survey section. The profile section will help us understand the type of organization you represent and your position within the organization. Accordingly, the survey section will request you to respond to certain questions on the topic of corporate fraud, misconduct, and noncompliance.

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