Corporate fraud and misconduct: Role of independent directors

The growing focus on ethics and corporate governance within organizations has increased the importance of the role of an ID in being an effective deterrent to fraud, mismanagement and lapses in corporate governance.

The business disruption caused by the pandemic has further underscored the need to be vigilant and strengthen governance frameworks as historically, data shows that business disruptions/crisis have been followed by a rise in prevalence of fraudulent practices.

Against this background, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP (DTTILP), in association with the Institute of Directors (IOD), has carried out a survey to understand how IDs perceive corporate fraud, their preparedness in addressing it, and the adoption of best practices to mitigate fraud and misconduct risks.

Workshop on Independent Directors on Corporate Fraud - IOD and Deloitte India, basis survey report

A Special Workshop on Independent Directors on Corporate Fraud and Misconduct, by IOD India basis joint survey report with Deloitte India | Apr 22, 2022. This special workshop aims to discuss and deliberate the views of some of the leading Independent Directors, on their vital role in Boardrooms, and in addressing corporate fraud and misconduct.

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