Tackling insurance claim frauds

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence to tackle insurance claims fraud

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence to tackle insurance claims fraud

Today, we have the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help companies like yours tackle fraud that may arise in your claims process.

Data shows that fraud and premium leakage incidents contribute to significant costs in the insurance ecosystem, with an annual cost as high as US$30 billion.
In India too we have seen a steady rise in insurance fraud over the years. It has been found that fraudsters orchestrate fake documents relating to accidents, death certificates, medical records etc. to defraud insurance companies.

With this background, we are excited to invite you to an interactive webinar to introduce a unique AI-driven voice analytics tool to you – “Voice Assess” – which can be used effectively to tackle insurance application and claim frauds.

During the webinar, you will get an opportunity to:
  • Understand how the tool works, using a simple pre-recorded telephone questionnaire and a risk rating format
  • Hear relevant case studies where the tool has made a significant difference to some of your largest global peers in the fields of national security, insurance and sports integrity
  • Share the challenges you face and how the tool can add value by lowering costs, identifying fraud, improving the customer journey and facilitate better decision-making at scale

We aren’t exaggerating when we say that Voice Assess has helped an organization save the equivalent of 3% annual revenue by reducing fraudulent claims.

20 May 2022
11 am – 12 pm IST

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