The state of in-house investigation capabilities among organisations

Get insights on how internal investigation teams can evolve and enhance their capabilities to detect, investigate and prevent fraud

In the past five years, internal investigation teams have become common place in global companies with a presence in India. Large Indian companies, conglomerates, and banks have invested in setting up in-house investigation teams to systematically address fraud, misconduct, and non-compliance. Internal investigation capabilities are regarded as a best practice to demonstrate strong corporate governance. Cases of self-reporting are usually viewed as examples of strong ethical and compliance standards.

Deloitte Asia Pacific, along with the Association of Corporate Investigators (ACI), undertook a survey in the last quarter of 2020 with 62 executives across Asia Pacific. The survey respondents represented a range of industries and comprised senior employees from the compliance, investigations, legal, risk, and internal audit functions.

The survey report allows organizations to benchmark their own investigations capabilities against those of other companies.

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