Tip-offs Anonymous

Whistle-blower Hotline Services by Deloitte

Evolving changes in the workplace, remote working practices, and financial pressures have increased the likelihood of fraud, misconduct, or any other unethical behaviour in organisations.

Globally, whistle-blowing mechanisms have repeatedly been seen as the most effective source of information to combat occupational fraud. Therefore, having an independent hotline in place will help strengthen the first line of defence in combatting fraud.

Deloitte's Tip-offs Anonymous provides an independent, anonymous, and confidential whistle-blowing service that employees, directors, or other stakeholders can use to raise concerns regarding incidents of actual or suspected fraud, misconduct, unethical practices, policy violations, and non-compliance.

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Nikhil Bedi

Nikhil Bedi

Partner and Leader, Forensic, Financial Advisory

Nikhil is the head of Deloitte Forensic practice in India. He holds over 16 years of professional experience of which he has spent over 10 years advising varied clients including corporates, financial... More

Jayant Saran

Jayant Saran

Partner – Forensic, Financial Advisory, India

Jayant is a Partner and leads Forensic Technology within the Deloitte Forensic practice in India. He has close to two decades of professional experience in Investigations, Anti-bribery and corruption,... More