Implementing a robust fraud risk management program

10 Frequently Asked Questions

The Companies Act, 2013, has emphasized the need for companies to have measures that can prevent, detect and respond to fraud. In our experience, an effective and well managed fraud risk management program can help achieve some of these objectives. However, companies can face challenges across various stages of building an effective fraud risk management program.

To help organizations get clarity on the common concerns pertaining to fraud risk management, Deloitte Forensic in India has released a whitepaper titled Implementing a robust fraud risk management program - 10 FAQs today. The whitepaper address the following topics:

  • Forensic audit – is it necessary?
  • Mechanisms to help tackle fraud, besides internal audit and whistleblowing
  • Fraud risk management versus enterprise risk management
  • Developing a fraud risk assessment framework
  • Using technology in fraud detection
  • Ethical audits and how to conduct them
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your fraud risk management program
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