Realignment & Reforms

Increasing the Outreach of Indian Financial Services

The Indian Economy has entered a resurgent phase with the GDP growth having touched its highest point in the past two-and-a-half years. A spurt in growth, aided by a number of economic reforms and forward looking policies, waning inflation levels, steady foreign investments and an increasingly stable currency exchange, the economy is at its prime as compared to the last few years. Pulsating capital markets with the benchmark indices breaching their lifetime highs are evidence of the growth wave that’s starting to grip the economy.

Gather a detailed perspective

In this report, Realignment & Reforms: Increasing the Outreach of Indian Financial Services, we look at some key challenges to assess their potential impact, the plausible constructive steps and policy reforms. We will also delve into the need and nature of resources required for enhancing the outreach of the Financial Services sector, banking sector reforms, wholesale financing to boost MSMEs, increasing insurance outreach, distribution model of financial products, differential banking and banking amalgamation, alternate payment channels etc.

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