From diversity to inclusion

Shift from compliance to diversity as a business strategy

The world has become highly diverse, but many companies have not — especially when it comes to combining diversity with the inclusive culture needed to truly drive value.

Diversity programs have been around for decades, but most companies still don’t have a highly inclusive workplace. Our research shows that companies want to shift from diversity as a program to diversity and inclusion as a business strategy. But nearly one-third of companies in the global survey say they are unprepared in this area, while only 19% claim to be fully ready.  

Nearly all surveyed organizations promote diversity, but most fail to realize the business benefits of a diverse workforce. How can you build a truly diverse workforce – one that attracts and engages people of all types and keeps the organization open to new ideas, new ways of thinking, new people, and new leadership? And how can you improve the role of women in leadership around the world? Read how this area of human capital is going through a transformational change and why you should treat it differently.

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