A New Era

Accelerating towards 2020 - An Automotive industry transformed

Automotive leaders and observers have witnessed an industry in peril. A slowing global economy, coupled with declining consumer confidence, has translated into dismal new car sales in most markets. But the slump has masked many outstanding industry advancements. Learn about them with this insightful report.

Gather a detailed perspective

Governments in all major markets have become active industry players. Their investments through emergency loans and incentive packages will have a lasting impact on the industry’s direction. The nature of their continued support to domestic companies, as well as energy and environmental policies, will do much to mold the automotive sector over the next ten years. To be sure, there will be no resumption of the status quo, automakers and their suppliers will need to reinvent themselves to meet the challenges of a dramatically new global automotive landscape. Let us decipher the way forward.

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