What you can look forward to


What you can look forward to

Becoming a mother is a joyous experience. Our DMoM programme aims to guide as well as facilitate a smooth transition into maternity leave and a seamless integration back to work:

  • Over and above the 26 weeks of maternity leave, mothers can also request a leave extension, and avail a work from home option to make the transition smooth for both, mother and child, , subject to the approval by the organisation. Twelve weeks of leave for adoption and surrogacy shall be granted by the organisation, subject to the policy of the organisation.
  • Mothers can request for flexible work arrangements, including reduced number of working hours per day, limited working days per week, or flexi hours and work from home options for a limited period and such requests shall be subject to the policies of the organisation and its discretion.
  • Expectant mothers also avail confidential counselling services to guide them during the pre- and post-natal stage. Importantly, counsellors become a friend and confidante that expectant mothers can turn to at this crucial time. Counselling is also extended to the spouse, as well as the immediate manager, to help them support her for a smooth transition to maternity leave, and return to work.
  • Travelling while expecting a child can get cumbersome – an ex-gratia maternity support may be claimed in the last month before maternity leave, subject to policies of the organisation . Caring for infants is also made easier with the facility to opt for either one of the options. i.e. either day care facility at near office location, or support for day care up to a certain limit for such day care facility voluntarily chosen by the mother.

Please note that the programs, facilities, and benefits mentioned above shall be subject to the organisation’s policies, which may be amended from time to time and also shall be subject to discretion of the organisation.

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