Realizing the impact of organization design

Ten questions for business leaders

Our global experience has shown why the success rate of such well-intended projects is still so low:

  • Most organization design projects proceed to the design phase with very limited analytical work. The analytics that do take place are often based on incomplete or very high-level data sets.
  • Most design projects don't go far enough in addressing real organizational or structural issues.
  • In more than 60 percent of cases, these important projects are left up to middle management to design and implement. There's too little sponsorship, oversight, or involvement from senior executives.
  • Often, businesses embark on organization design projects in search of benefits they can't achieve through organization design alone—or even at all.

Realizing the impact of organization design: Ten questions for business leaders presents the latest Deloitte thinking on creating the conditions for highly successful organizational design based business transformation through three distinct phases:

  • Decide: Is organization design the right solution for the business?
  • Design: The right future organization is not based on structures alone.
  • Deliver: Realize the planned benefits and value through thorough implementation.