Cyber considerations for C-suite while addressing the board

Business leaders now consider cyber more as an enterprise-wide risk management issue, rather than just an IT issue. 72% of survey respondents indicated their organisations experienced between one and 10 cyber incidents and breaches in the last year alone, according to our 2021 Future of Cyber Survey.

These statistics make it imperative for senior leadership and the C-suite to have a regular cadence with the board on the organisation’s cyber readiness and allay any fears they may have on an organisation’s cyber posture.

Ready reckoner for security leaders to build an effective presentation for the board

While presenting to the board, the C-suite must highlight issues that can potentially become a hinderance for the organisation to meet its business objectives. It is also an opportunity for them to put forth their investment needs and get a buy-in from the board on key strategic initiatives.

Read our ready reckoner for questions that can act as a checklist for the C-suite while presenting to the board.

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