Cyber security

Take charge of your company's cyber security

Cyber security is among the most complex and rapidly evolving issues companies must contend with

Beneath the surface of a cyberattack: A deeper look at business impacts

A fundamental shift is occurring in the management of cyber risk. The idea that cyberattacks are increasingly likely—and perhaps inevitable—is beginning to take hold among executives and boards. Business leaders are realizing that we have interconnected our world mostly using technologies designed for sharing information, not protecting it. They recognize that they have to trust people—their own employees and the third-parties they do business with—to handle sensitive information and operate critical infrastructure.

Cyber security: The changing role of the Board and the Audit Committee

With the advent of mobile technology, cloud computing, and social media, reports on major breaches of proprietary information and damage to organizational IT infrastructure have also become increasingly common, thus transforming the IT risk landscape at a rapid pace. Consequently, this has kept cyber security a high priority on the agenda of boards and audit committees.

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