Deloitte Point of View on BOT Identity Management

The Secured BOT Series

What is Smart Identity?

Deloitte’s Smart Identity platform is changing the way both customers and organisations manage digital identity. Smart Identity offers new ways for individuals, organisations, and even devices/objects to obtain, use, and verify identity credentials when transacting with each other.

The increasing inclusion of Ro(BOT)tics Process Automation (RPA) in processes enhances the productivity and enables operations to be efficient and error-free. This makes the systems agile and enables smooth-functioning of multi-application data processing and an improved access management. However, with the use of RPA in managing internal and external system access, organisations have become increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats.

To maintain the security for BOT identity, it is necessary to identify and address the key challenges in identity access management in a BOT environment. In this context, the POV on BOT Identity Management highlights the approach to the critical risks associated with the relevant identity access systems and the remediation for the impacts of these risks.

In the present scenario, the identity of entities (organisations, individuals, and devices) is fragmented. Customer information is duplicated, disconnected, and often insecure, while verification processes can be highly manual, inefficient, and expensive.

Smart Identity offers a new way for customers and organisations to manage and verify identity, providing both privacy and security to users, and laying the foundations for a new generation of highly automated digital services.

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