FinRisk Analyser

Managing the financial closing process with resilience

Customised solutions for companies to provide insights on the book closing process by monitoring and analysing the entries posted during the financial year.

During this time of crisis, CFOs and finance executives need quick perspectives to ensure they are taking the right actions for their organisations, employees, shareholders, and themselves. For this, monitoring and controlling the behaviour of financial entries is of utmost importance to have a smooth financial closure. They also need to be more aware of the potential control failures and frauds at the transaction level as there is a higher risk of material misstatement.

FinRisk Analyser (FRA) is a highly customisable tool that facilitates a comprehensive analysis of accounting entries passed in the book-keeping system. It examines unusual transactions like manual entries, dormant users, GL accounts anomalies, etc., by using trial balance (TB) and journal entry (JE) Data.

FRA, India’s proprietary tool, leverages technology to enhance the financial review process by providing a 360 degree view of transactions posted during the book closing process.

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