Global Future of Cyber Survey


Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, Cyber is evolving into a distinct functional area of the business, transcending its traditional IT roots and becoming an essential part of the framework for delivering business outcomes. For many organisations, cyber now weaves more tightly into business operations, outcomes, and opportunities. Despite cyber’s potential as a business enabler, the ability to leverage it effectively can be inconsistent across organisations.

In order to provide essential context for how cyber has evolved over the past two years, we developed a view on cyber maturity to understand the business impact that leading organisations make when they adopt more mature cyber strategies.

Deloitte’s latest 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey report highlights that the future is Cyber. And for any business, new technological capabilities will be more effective when strong cyber strategies are part of the picture. Emerging technologies will also bring innovative solutions that can support future business models and also present unforeseen challenges on the cyber front.

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