Governance, Risk and Regulatory Services

Deloitte’s Governance, Regulatory and Risk (‘GRR’) market offering helps corporate boards address the expanding marketplace expectations relating to their oversight responsibilities. We work with our clients by putting in place various governance frameworks such as risk management framework, enterprise compliance framework, internal control framework defining governance structures and processes.

Our services include identifying, measuring, remediating and managing enterprise risk for managing legal and regulatory compliances and evaluating internal controls for financial reporting and anti-fraud controls.

Our GRR practice is a multi-disciplinary offering with experience in various industry sectors which includes banking and non-banking industries such as Energy & Resources, Manufacturing, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Consumer Business, Infrastructure which include public and private spaces, providing guidance and insights on treasury, enterprise risk management, risk analytics and technology domains. We have access to a network of 30,000 professionals in India and 225,400 professionals in more than 150 countries.

Corporate Governance

Deloitte's Centre for Corporate Governance aims to promote a dialogue in the critical areas of corporate governance among industry bodies, companies and their boards of directors and senior management, professional services firms, academia, government and others

  • Development of charters for Board and its committees for effective conduct and monitoring of its  responsibilities
  • Assessment of current Board practices against the applicable regulations and best practices using Deloitte’s proprietary Corporate Governance Maturity Model
  • Training program for directors to enable them to stay abreast of the leading practices globally

Regulatory and Compliance Consulting

Tightening compliance requirements and improving enforcement structure being put in place by regulators across the globe have emphasized the need to have a structured process for compliance management. We help companies to identify and address legal and regulatory compliance requirements and implement a compliance management process for effective oversight.

Enterprise and Strategic Risk Management

Effective management of risks faced by the company is important for growth and sustenance of the company in the long run. Using leading tools and resources such as Risk Intelligence Map, Risk Diagnostic Tool we help companies to assess and enhance the organization’s risk capabilities for identification and effective management of strategic and enterprise wide risks.

Financial, Capital Management Accounting and Valuation

Stakeholder expectations and regulatory environment for corporates and financial institutions have evolved significantly in recent years and, coupled with uncertain business conditions, have resulted in increased pressures on the Board of Directors and senior management. Companies today are under sustained pressure to demonstrate above average earnings, while simultaneously maintaining strong oversight and controls over the risks to which it is exposed. At the same time, regulations have become staggeringly complex, demanding significantly more granular data, increased efficacy in audit & compliance functions and advanced risk modeling techniques. These forces have created an unprecedented need for a robust risk and performance management mechanism, which aligns the corporate goals and return on equity objectives with regulatory expectations around compliance, audit and financial risk management. We bring together our extensive experience in risk management, regulation, technology, quantitative advisory and operations to help organizations address these challenges and opportunities in an integrated, focused and cost effective manner.