Grant effectiveness and efficiency


Grant effectiveness and efficiency

Impact through delivery

Creating an equitable India

The regulatory changes in the Companies Act 2013 have increased the influx of private sector participation in the development sector. In the last five years alone, Corporate India has been more involved, aligning their strategy with the
government and large donors.

However, despite widespread participation and contribution from the corporate sector, there is still a myriad of leakages in the design and implementation of development programs. The system is fraught with loopholes, making it susceptible to irregularities and fraud.

At Deloitte, we are committed towards creating robust mechanisms to minimize and mitigate leakages.

Monitoring is no longer a choice

Compliance to the donor mandated norms and enhanced monitoring of activities is no longer unique to developing countries. India, is no exception, especially with Government of India mandated CSR regulations being monitored closely. Not only is the government issuing notices to companies that have failed to comply with the law, they are also changing the way the expenditure of CSR projects is being monitored

All global mandates across International Development Agencies have renewed their commitment to ensure that their funds are being spent effectively and systematically.

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