2015 Compliance Trends Survey


In focus: 2015 compliance trends survey

A collaboration between Deloitte and Compliance Week

After five years of collecting data and publishing this report, the prevailing direction for surveyed modern corporate compliance functions is clear: more authority and stronger organizational support for effective compliance programs – yet persistent concerns about information technology (IT) system’s ability to fulfill compliance program requirements in the modern corporation.

Read the report from the Deloitte U.S. member firm to learn more about how compliance officers work with their peers, what their responsibilities are, what resources they have, and much more.

​2015 Compliance Trends Survey report

This report combines the deep knowledge and experience of Deloitte with the broad industry perspective of Compliance Week to draw insight into three questions:

  1. Do compliance executives have the appropriate authority and resources to do their jobs?
  2. Are compliance executives assessing the right risks in the right way?
  3. How do compliance executives use technology to tame the challenges they face?

The report contains “snapshots” of select findings from each of those three categories. Deloitte hopes you find this information useful and that it can serve as guidepost for your own efforts to understand the compliance strategies that might work well in your company.​

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