COVID-19 response for Pharma companies

Respond. Recover. Thrive.

During this crisis, what are the key pointers that pharmaceutical companies should focus on to respond, recover, and thrive.

During these unprecedented times, pharmaceutical companies are responding to the rapid challenges arising from disruption in supply chains and the need to change business processes. If the current COVID-19 pandemic lasts for a medium/long span of time, it may impact the supply of active material and ingredients (mainly from China), as well as the import and export of pharmaceuticals.

There is also the potential for negative impacts of both a medium- and longer-term nature on R&D and manufacturing activities, as well as delay on projects/programmes not related to the core supply chain/data management operations. While the full impact of the global pandemic is still unknown, pharma companies need to respond, recover and thrive.

COVID-19 response for Pharma companies

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