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A shift from ‘Telecommunication’ to ‘Digital Communication’

Digitalisation has transformed the world of telecommunication. With the emergence of new technologies like Cloud Infrastructure, Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Analytics and Block Chain, it is imperative for digital communication service providers to assimilate these technologies across their value chain.


  • Aided by technology, convergence across sectors is changing markets and business models rapidly
  • Sectors are now characterised by strong Mergers & Acquisitions and divesture activity, driven by competition, global expansion and evolving global regulations 
  • Companies are forming alliances to create and capture new value to maximise success with complex, open and multi-player ecosystem opportunities 
  • Innovation in products and services with the emergence of plug-n-play services like open APIs have led to cross-sector disruption
  • Digital transformation is disrupting business models, resulting in substantial investments by businesses to change their models and / or expand into new ones
  • As we transition to a Digital Economy, the role of network and connectivity technology is becoming even more significant


Our solution offering

Digital Transformation across industries has led to a rapidly changing business environment which offers exponentially augmenting opportunities for new capabilities and initiatives. One of the most critical success factors to win in this digital era is to build a secure, robust and scalable communication layer. Businesses need to formulate a well-defined digital communication strategy, an appropriate business case, and a customised and flexible approach.
To maximise the benefits from their Digital communication layer, it is imperative for organisations to also manage the risks that are introduced into the environment and its impact to the existing ecosystem to drive optimum value from their digital initiatives.

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