Reopening the workplace: The resilient leader's guide

A workplan for business recovery from COVID-19

This POV talks about how resilient leaders are now focusing on reopening and/or restoring the workplace effectively, efficiently, and especially safely.

As the COVID-19 pandemic radically disrupted work environments, the first priority has been crisis response: emphasising health and safety, essential services, and the virtualisation of work and education. The next step has been to reopen businesses effectively, efficiently, and especially safely. Yet the abundance of “unknown unknowns”— everything from changes in the social contract, to macroeconomic impacts, to local health ordinances, to individual employee preferences or fears of populated work environments—make the challenge seem more like quantum physics than a simple decision calculus.

This article encourages senior leadership to reopen the workplace by:

  • Evaluating the implications to the organization of changes in the social contract with employees
  • Answering core strategic questions around the work, the workforce, and the workplace, which frame reopening decisions
  • Leveraging important tools to inform those strategic decisions

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