The future of the energy sector


The future of the energy sector

Cyber everywhere. Advance anywhere.

Digitisation is changing the dynamics of accessibility, productivity and sustainability of the energy system. In the coming years, digital technologies will make the energy sector more connected, intelligent and efficient, so that the inherent infrastructure could smartly detect who needs ‘how much’ energy and ‘in what capacity’.

Threat landscape

The energy sector has become more digitised, adding to the complexity of architectures, integrations, operations and maintenance. Critical control systems, that were once completely isolated, are now part of the organisational network and can be infiltrated from numerous access points. The high economic value of oil and gas facilities globally, and the inherent issues and gaps within the industry’s underlying infrastructure, platforms and applications, provide threat vectors with a great incentive to attack.

  • In a report, 68% of oil and gas companies surveyed, admitted that their operations have been compromised at least once in the past year
  • In a survey conducted by Ponemon Institute, only 41% of businesses monitor their infrastructure continually to spot, prioritise and deal with threats.
  • In the same survey (conducted by Ponemon), they found that only 45% of companies surveyed believe they have the necessary internal expertise to manage cybersecurity threats in the modern OT environment.
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