Pandemic response 

Organisational preparedness guide 

The article defines the organisational impact, an effective pandemic response plan, and the key actions.

Definition: A pandemic is defined as an outbreak of a disease that covers a wide expanse of geographical area, usually the entire world, and affects a vast majority of the population.

The organisational impact of a pandemic includes:

  • Mass absenteeism: Employees who fear they have contracted the disease may refrain from coming to office, which results in a halt of critical business processes.
  • Loss of key personnel: As a result of casualties, we may lose personnel in key positions, which could result in strategic uncertainty and reduced shareholder confidence.
  • Affected suppliers or business partners: An inability to procure critical, outsourced services or any supply-chain disruption could bring operations to a halt.
  • Significant decline in market demand: Key markets, if affected, could see a demand slump in the short-to-medium-term, resulting in unsold inventory
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