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Security Incident Response

Prepare, Identify, Analyse, Investigate, Remediate, and Prevent Cyber Attacks

Deloitte’s cyber security incident response enables organisations to respond to major incidents that have the potential of causing a serious impact to the business. Using an intelligence driven model, Deloitte focuses on enabling a cyber-ready and resilient business.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, increasing in volume, intensity and complexity. An attack, when it gets through the defenses, will cause an impact to the business, the response for which must be fast, thorough and decisive. Deloitte’s incident response and forensic services specialises in analysing and investigating targeted attacks performed by advanced motivated attackers. Deloitte makes exhaustive use of its intelligence feeds and incident responses at other clients to provide situational awareness and tactical insights into the events taking place due to the incident.

Deloitte’s incident handlers are certified professionals making use of a proven approach for advanced rapid cyber defense. Our approach includes:

  • Plan and prepare for the major incident response
  • Identify malicious activities, capture live artifacts and analyse malicious activities
  • Contain the incident to arrest further proliferation and compromise of the environment
  • Preserve potential sources of evidence, eradicate anomalous artifacts and recover the business back into productivity
  • Perform a detailed investigation which is carried out by a core team of forensic experts maintaining the chain of custody, and maintaining the confidentiality and the integrity of the collected data
  • Context the malevolent event, create a report analysing the fundamental motivation behind the incident

Deloitte services are backed by our 24*7 Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC) providing advanced Threat Intelligence and Security Analytics services. Through the CIC, Deloitte’s incident response experts can provide remote or on-site assistance to rapidly contain and eradicate threats and attack artifacts from the affected environment, limit the impact of an attack on the network, and preserve integrity of any hardware, data or other digital evidence, affected by the incident.

As part of the incident response service offering, Deloitte also provides end-to-end forensic services. Deloitte professionals are expert at performing investigations and forensics including data acquisition, discovery consulting, electronic discovery, forensic analysis, malware reverse engineering and packet level analysis of traffic performed through our global forensic labs located in Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centres around the globe.

Deloitte’s forensic investigation practice has been nurtured and backed up by years of experience for clients from various industries, including legal. Deloitte’s forensic investigators have expertise in providing forensic services to companies across industries, and lawyers who require investigations to be undertaken or disputes to be resolved. The forensic experts use the most advanced technological solutions to retrieve, search and analyse large and complex data sets. This enables our clients to gather information that can be used to address litigation issues, investigations, regulatory and financial crime requirements.

“There is no magic-bullet from cyber-attacks other than preparedness to counter the attackers when they strike.”

We have the following services being offered with multiple others in the pipeline:

  • Forensics Analysis and Investigation
  • Malware Analysis
  • Incident Response
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