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Past edition

RiskCon 2016 - Navigating risk in a borderless and digital world

In today’s agile business world, risk management methodologies are evolving from being compliance-based, reactive, and linear to being risk-based, proactive, and iterative. Risk leaders have always had to worry about security, governance and compliance, but digital disruption is significantly impacting the way organizations manage risk. 

About RiskCon 2016

Risk Advisory held its first marquee client event – RiskCon on 17-18 November 2016, in Pune. The theme of the conference was ‘Navigating risk in a borderless and digital world.’ The event saw a gathering of around 70 senior risk professionals from around the country.

The event commenced with Amry Junaideen - Former President of Risk Advisory, Deloitte India, addressing the audience with a session titled ‘Risk reimagined’.

The event witnessed a series of riveting discussions on subjects pertaining to disruption, with the sessions ranging from topics such as ‘Disaster Management - Risks beyond your corporate boundaries’ to ‘Redefining CXO relationships and roles in a disruptive era’.

Gary Kirsten, the legendary South African cricketer and the world cup winning coach of the Indian Cricket Team, delivered a keynote session at the event on the topic - ‘The good, the bad and the googly: Managing risk in a volatile world.’

The two-day event was an enriching and entertaining journey for the attendees, and many guests acknowledged to garnering a plethora of takeaways along with an unprecedented experience from the programme.