About our theme

The human body has five senses, and each of them – touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing – affects our interpretation of the world.

Our senses define, to a great extent, how we react to the world around us. Apart from the five senses, we also have a sixth sense; an intuitive, yet indisputable insight into the world. This sixth sense is what we, at Deloitte India Risk Advisory, call the ‘risk sense’. This simple yet essential risk mindset enables us to perceive the future.

At RiskCon 2019, we aim to give all our participants an immersive sensory experience. We shall be taking you on a journey of the senses, where you will perceive the future Through the Risk Lens, foresee the unseen nature of risk, interact and synergise with others to discuss the future of technology, audit and regulation in an ever-changing, dynamic world.

Get ready to engage all your senses for what promises to be an absorbing evening of intellectual discussions and stimulating conversations.