Cyber Security Advisory

Deloitte’s Cyber Risk practice is widely acknowledged as the leading global security advisory and implementation practice, and is qualified to support clients respond to evolving cyber threats in a secure, vigilant, and resilient manner.

Deloitte’s offerings in the Cyber Security & Protection consist of the following

We assist organisations with critical infrastructure protection, database and middleware protection, infrastructure penetration testing, network protection, physical and platform protection.

Vulnerability Management

We address an organisation’s business security requirements and supporting strategies and architectures for establishing an enterprise level security and risk management programs.

Application Protection

Focused on helping clients design and implement internal controls, application security and privacy aims to address risks within Enterprise Applications and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations/upgrades as well as business transformation projects.

Application Security – Deloitte practitioners provide actionable insights driven by industry experience and proprietary frameworks to address application security concerns. After completion of the assessment activity, we provide recommendations and leading practices as a part of deliverables to help our clients mitigate the risks observed while performing the assessment overview.

Application Integrity – Deloitte practitioners offer a unique skill set combining business process controls experience with a technical understanding of the ERP applications security architecture.  Deloitte’s advice is frequently sought in both an assurance and advisory capacity, in addition to often working as security and controls experts for system implementations or Finance Transformation projects.  

Identity and access management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) services address an organisation’s business processes, technology, and information supporting the authentication, authorization, and auditing of employees, contractors, customers, and other stakeholders access to resources including data, applications, and systems. Effective Identity and Access Management solutions bring a combination of operational efficiency, compliance enablement, and risk management to the organisation’s management of identity related information.

Information Privacy & Protection

Information is a key component in our cyber world and data loss can have critical impacts. In Information Protection services, Deloitte assists organisations to protect and set up the necessary policies and procedures in order to safeguard your information. These programs range from building data flow worksheets, classifying confidential data to defining actions on the usage of the information in order to protect the data from a leakage stand-point.


While the term cyber security has been around for a while, the volume of attacks and the nature of the cyber threat has evolved. The impact on organisations can be huge as we have seen in the past year. System downtime leads to loss in profits, reputational damage and unhappy customers. Data loss and breaches not only damage brands but also lead to regulatory fines and compensation payouts for affected customers. Cyber has moved beyond the IT department to become a Board-level issue.