Cyber Strategy & Governance

Traditional security programs have often been unsuccessful in unifying the need to both secure and support technology innovation required by the business.

Deloitte's Cyber Strategy & Governance services support the transition to an executive-led cyber risk program that balances requirements to be secure, vigilant, and resilient in line with the risk appetite of the organisation.

Asset Management

We help organisations deal with the complexities in managing their assets across their lifecycle. We offer guidance from strategising to implementing technological solutions at an enterprise level to increase reliability, improve productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance across all departments and locations in the organisation. Our approach enables organisations with strategic insights and practical solutions to turn asset management to achieve cost optimisation and increased levels of efficiency.

Software License Review

Using our proven methodologies, we provide review services that track software licenses and give a view of potential areas of revenue leakage and non-compliance. Using multiple strategies to carry out the review, our approach allows a seamless experience and client satisfaction. Our clients are enabled to significantly increase their ROI through Analytical Target Mart (ATM), our break-through, market intelligent tool which provides better profiling and leveraging of global product knowledge.

Software License Management

The evolution of software and changing license metrics require consistent and persistent license management including an adherence to licensing contracts that are complicated and multi-layered. We enable organisations to identify and evaluate their risk exposure in relation to the evolving threats related to software licenses.

As part of the service, we provide the design, implementation, and managed services. The methodologies leverage the leading practices such as ISO 19770 – 1 standard and ITIL framework for mitigating and optimising the risk profile. Our guidance can significantly reduce company’s investment on software licensing, maintenance costs, and optimisation of licensing contracts.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance services help organisations develop practical solutions to achieve better visibility over key components of the cyber risk programs and leveraging leading vendor GRC platforms or custom-built solutions.

Cyber Training, Education, and Awareness

Deloitte’s innovative and advanced Cyber Threat Awareness programs help business leaders gain a better understanding of the cyber risk landscape, including how it may impact their particular organisation, and establish cyber risk management priorities.

Technology Governance, Social Media, Cloud, and Mobility

Modern day enterprises have transcended the physical world and are thriving and competing in the virtual and social world. Businesses need to realign themselves in this digital ecosystem, and we can help define their digital technology architecture, business enablement, and address impending risks arising from this imminent change.

Technology Governance - Deloitte professionals provide actionable insights driven by industry experience and proprietary frameworks to address technology governance needs including strategy, adoption, and controls. We also enable digital resilience of these technology assets.

Social - The world has become hyper-connected with unfathomable information flows via social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Organisations recognise the need for a robust social strategy and defining policies to ensure they reap benefits albeit with necessary safeguards in place. Our offerings provide an end-to-end enablement for the social enterprise covering strategy, implementation, social audit, and crisis management.

Cloud and Mobility - As businesses grow globally, there is a strong need for virtualisation of workspace and easy access to information on the move. This trend is cemented by the business impetus on cost optimisation of IT infrastructure. This evolutions exposes organisations to new risks and IT security concerns. We at Deloitte, leverage our leading practices and insights to enable deployment of cloud infrastructure with industry grade security protocols. Additionally, our mobility solutions provide an anchored connect to in-house IT systems based on robust Mobile Data Management (MDM) and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) paradigm.

Cyber Strategy, Transformation, and Assessments

Information Security Risk Assessment (ISRA) and Diagnostic

We enable organisations to identify and evaluate their risk exposure in relation to the evolving threat landscape in their internal and external ecosystem. We leverage the leading practices such as ISO 27001:2005 standard and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 800-30 Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems to assist organisations in mitigating their risk and optimising their risk profile.

Return on Security Investment (ROSI) Analysis

We assist organisations to carry out an analysis on the return on their investment that they make on information security initiatives. The cost of a security solution must commensurate with the overall risk exposure of the organisation. This helps the CXOs make an informed decision on their information security programs and how the security investments impact their bottom line, and enables them to effectively plan and align their security strategies.

Cyber Security Strategy

We enable organisations to define and align their cyber security strategy consistent with their business priorities and evolving threat landscape. The strategy helps the CISOs plan their budget well and bring the sustainable integration of information security with the overall business in such a manner that CISO truly enables the business rather than sporadically supporting it. Through our robust cyber strategy programs, we make it possible for the CISOs to effectively have security in boardroom agenda and have in place an Enterprise Security Roadmap in line with the futuristic business requirements.

Information Security Maturity Assessment

We have strong tools and methods to provide the CXOs a holistic view of the state of information security in the ecosystem. We use the automation and our risk and control knowledge base for benchmarking the information security practices being followed in the organisation. The benchmarking indicators help in identifying the areas that need improvement and as a result of it, new priorities may be defined or the existing ones may be fine-tuned. Our risk and control knowledge base takes into account leading standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, CoBIT, etc.

Risk Catalog Methodology

Our industry specific and domain specific risk management methodologies are leveraged by our professionals to build the risk management framework customised to the client's ecosystem. We have Risk Intelligence MapsTM for specific industry verticals and domains that are further leveraged for creating a complete risk catalog for our clients. The Risk Catalog is a single source of risk indicators in the organisation and is a dynamic document that is updated regularly.

Vendor Risk Management

Outsourcing has become a standard worldwide business practice and management imperative to stay competitive, stay focused on organisations core businesses, deliver value to clients and leverage strength of niche organisations to drive market. With the increase in outsourcing, newer risks and challenges are on a rise continuously. The major factors impacting are the growing complexity of service providers, their geographical spread, technologies, and engagement models. This is further laden with escalating expectations, integration issues, governance requirements, and external oversight.

Deloitte provides a broad array of Vendor Risk Management (VRM) solutions to our clients across industries. These solutions range from advisory to assessment to audit across spectrum. We assist our clients in managing risks associated with Third Parties/Vendors throughout the lifecycle of the vendor – ‘Plan, Evaluate, and Select’ phase, prior to engaging with a Third Party -  or as part of the ‘Manage and Monitor’ phase, as part of on-going monitoring activities. We have delivered large scale PMO covering vendors across the globe for our clients to point in time assessment covering Information Security, Cyber Security, Privacy, Business Continuity, and Regulatory Compliances.

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