Cloud: The Bedrock of Digital Transformation

The power of the cloud has been further consolidated in the last two years of the pandemic. We have seen how businesses and governments have started moving their legacy applications and foundational processes to the cloud to usher in digital transformation. This conscious move from traditional business setup to disruptive market forces is one big step towards embracing re-invention.

The cloud is unquestionably the bedrock of digital transformation. From finance, sales and marketing, and human capital to procurement, supply chain, and many more, the cloud has emerged as the mainstay as it helps generate unprecedented amounts of data and critical insights that help businesses in the long run.

This thought paper is an attempt to help you construe the power of the cloud and its role in digitally transforming and modernising businesses and organisations. It will help you understand how the cloud can help innovate at scale, speed up doing business, and reduce costs while providing a solution to the current global talent crisis.

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