Diversifying GCCs in India

Most GCCs have already evolved from being a “service provider” to also being a “value creator” over the past few years. This evolution has helped them learn new organisational capabilities that may help them partner with their parent organisations to create the high-quality workforce of the future.

By Mohnish Sinha, D&I Lead and Partner, Deloitte India

India is home to capability centres of over 1,300 global organisations, directly employing around 1.3 million people, generating approximately US$33.8 billion in revenue as of FY2021. The first wave of GCCs was primarily driven to provide cost arbitrage to global organisations. This sector has provided value far beyond the anticipated “wage and cost benefits.” As India tries to digitise itself, GCCs have significantly helped in developing a high-quality talent pool to meet the demand for the “digital growth engine” of India. Quite a few GCCs have successfully experimented with mentoring startups, and this has significantly accelerated the evolution of the startup ecosystem in India.

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