Cloud and the age of continuous disruption

The journey of digital transformation

COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, spurring organisations to innovate faster or risk losing eminence or even going out of business. Fortunately, this urgency of transformation can be supported by rapid advances in digital and software systems.

Cloud computing is one such technological marvel that has taken the world of business by a storm.

The insights in the paper discusses how technology has shaped up over the past two decades of this century to the present day of cloud computing, while bringing in a host of tech advances fueling the present generation of businesses. It also covers accelerators for cloud adoption and the driving force behind those accelerators.

Thereafter, it details out what we consider barriers preventing organisations from embracing cloud to the extent some other first movers and digital natives are using. The paper finally encapsulates with a view on how businesses can move forward when you are either the disruptor or the disrupted!

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