Future of Global Business Services: Catalyst for enterprise digital transformation

Can cross-functional, cross-regional models such as Global Business Services (GBS)—serving multiple business units, with access to wide swaths of data and talent—be catalysts for enterprise-wide digital transformation?

To answer this question, we need to first define “digital,” a ubiquitous term in business today. What, exactly, does it mean?Are we referring to machine learning or robotic process automation (RPA)? Mobile? Social? Artificial intelligence (AI)? What’s truly required to become digital? Who should drive it?

Business leaders are grappling with these questions in the face of unprecedented change―growing connectivity, competition, and consumer power. This calls for new methods of engagement, new products, new operating models, new organizations, and new ecosystems. Becoming digital is at the heart of it all. Yet, frequently, the first things that come toour mind are tools and devices.

We make the classic mistake of focusing on the “what” before answering the “why.” If we ask ourselves “why digital?,” the answer becomes clearer. The secret is to notthink of it as a device. Rather, it’s about becoming connected, integrated, and efficient. It’s about fueling growth and continuous innovation through real-time customized experienceswith predictive insights at unparalleled speeds.

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