Latest trends driving transformation in the GCC Sector

By Keerthi Kumar, Deloitte India Consulting partner

Understanding the foreground

India is home to a sweeping 50 percent share of global GCCs. It has been a witness to the paradigm shift in the evolution of GCCs, from back-end centres to global multi-functional and strategic capability partners. The COVID-19 pandemic compelled GCC leaders worldwide to embrace radical ways of working, which has led to rapid advancements in the post-pandemic 2022 GCC landscape. Deloitte’s “Global engineering R&D pulse survey 2022” stated over 85 percent satisfaction levels amongst demand markets on the performance of their India ERD GCCs primarily owing to how GCCs in India handled the pandemic situation.

With back-to-work and hybrid set-ups normalising, per Deloitte’s “2021 Global in shared services and outsourcing survey,” GCCs are going through some revolutionary transformations, orbiting around the three key focus areas—the work, the workforce, and the workplace.

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