CFO Perspectives 2016

Stay ahead in the face of growing challenges and demands

CFO Perspectives - December 2016

CFO speaks: CFO is part of the founder group and is trusted by the CEO and probably the only person who can say ‘no’. CFO has to play the role of “devil’s advocate” and always needs to ask the questions like–is the investment justified? What’s the return?

Expert views: The demonetization move by the government may not be a first (having being tried by earlier governments as a tool to fight corruption), such an action achieves larger significance for a globally connected India as it shows boldness in tackling an issue which has remained a thorn in the growth success story of this generation.

CFO Perspectives - November 2016

CFO speaks: Analytics provides powerful information to drive well-researched investment decisions. We dive deep into every aspect of the company to have deep rooted understanding of the business through the common threads of business intelligence and analytics.

Expert views: Successful organizations are making radical changes to meet the challenges that are reshaping the workplace, the workforce, and work. Deloitte’s annual Global Human Capital Trends survey provides a list of potential and emerging trends identified by our global Human Capital group.

CFO Perspectives - October 2016

CFO speaks: GST will be a reform leading towards modification of supply chain and the way we do business.

Expert views: Today’s CFOs are not only performing their traditional role of preserving the assets of the organization and running a tight and effective finance operation but also performing the role of strategists and contributing towards deciding on the direction of the business.

CFO Perspectives - September 2016

CFO speaks: I think in last couple of years most defined and deliberated role in corporate world happened to be of CFOs, and that’s due to demanding and self-conflicting issues thrown upon to the CFO community in every economy.

Expert views: With electronic data at the center of organizations, the CFO, by virtue of being the custodian of data, is in a unique position to leverage it for multiple purposes that include business forecasting, operational effectiveness, fraud risk management and change management.

CFO Perspectives - August 2016

CFO speaks: A CFO needs to be laser focused on risks involved at each stage. The affordability to make mistakes is really thin, not only because of the magnitude of the monetary losses but also of the associated brand image.

Expert views: Risk, control and compliance today are some of the primary areas of focus in the banking and financial services industry – and one of the primary shortcomings observed by regulators is that banks and financial institutions view risk and compliance separately.

CFO Perspectives - July 2016

CFO speaks: Long term success and sustainability of a business can be ensured only by promoting a culture of compliance & ethics. A CFO has a key role to play in making sure that principles of ethics and compliance are woven well in the cultural fabric of the organization.

Expert views: Finance is truly at the epicentre of an upheaval. Our interactions with global finance organizations make us believe that most of us are “sleepwalking” into this future of inevitability, with much of the time still being spent on data extraction and modelling, leaving precious little time to decision support and catalytic change management.

CFO Perspectives - June 2016

CFO speaks: With the increasing technology use and digitization, there is no doubt that the exposure to cyber risks have increased. Digitization is the need of the hour and no company can avoid it.

Expert views: Effective cybersecurity governance and management is the product of multiple layers of defence. CFO should ensure that business understands the need for effectiveness of cybersecurity controls.

CFO Perspectives - May 2016

CFO speaks: There have been a lot of supportive changes in the environment, including policy and regulatory implementations, the ‘Make in India’ initiative and the government’s commitment to improve the ease of doing business.

Expert views: Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) will definitely figure as an agenda of the board room and audit committee in FY 17!

CFO Perspectives - April 2016

CFO speaks: Defining the fine line between the risk and strategy is a CFO’s biggest challenge.

Expert views: After the opening up of the FDI regulations in single-brand and multi-brand retail trading a couple of years ago, there has been a flurry of activity in this sector. The government has been equally responsible for the development mainly through continuous announcements in the regulatory framework.

CFO Perspectives - March 2016

CFO speaks: The budget announcements are to be viewed in the context of the situation that the country’s economy is placed in. The government has done well to focus on spelling out programmes and reaching investments for the development of rural India.

Expert views: The implementation of proposed measures in BEPS and Budget 2016 are likely to throw considerable challenges before the MNEs and have the potential to have an overall impact on the financial health of MNEs.

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