Deloitte India CFO Survey 2015


Deloitte India CFO Survey 2015

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The Deloitte India CFO survey 2015 highlights the outlook of CFOs in India on various facets of the Indian economy. The respondents include CFOs from Indian companies as well as from MNCs headquartered both in and outside India, with a workforce comprising less than 500 employees to over 20,000 employees.

Key survey highlights

  • The sentiments on the outlook of the economy in the short and medium term are highly optimistic with around 65% of the CFOs positive about growth in the short run, i.e., within a year's horizon.
  • Over the medium term, the level of optimism is even higher with around 97% of the CFOs confident about the prospects of the economy in the next two to three years. Further, around 93% of the CFOs are confident about the prospects in the next four to five years.
  • From a policy perspective, optimism prevails regarding the role the new government is likely to play. While 37% of the CFOs are very positive that the new government will accelerate the speed of economic reforms to propel growth, another 59% are positive that the new government will accelerate the speed of economic reforms.
  • Within organisations, 71% of CFOs are likely to initiate or speed up new investment plans while 37% are likely to accelerate hiring workforce.
  • However, challenges remain; at the macro level, regulatory impediments and uncertainty in tax laws were cited as major issues.
Deloitte India CFO Survey 2015
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