GST @ 6

An Insight into the sixth year of GST 

GST @6 - India Inc. continues to endorse GST successively for the sixth year. 72% respondents recognize the positive impact of GST, up from 59% last year. 

An Insight into the Sixth Year of GST, delves deeper to comprehend India Inc’s views on the integration of GST against the ease of doing business in India, tax technology, investment-centric growth, taxpayer profiling, and recommendations. The study also comprehends the industry's views on the effectiveness of significant government changes aimed at promoting the ease of doing business and the adoption of tax technology. The study encompasses inputs from senior leaders spanning various industries and companies, while tracking the overall impact of GST across sectors such as Consumer, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Energy Resources, Financial Services, Life Sciences, as well as Government and Public Services.


  • Online survey conducted with senior leaders across industries and categories of companies
  • The survey comprised 28 questions on organisations’ tax experience, the impact of recent compliance initiatives, tax technology and recommended measures to expedite industry growth
  • A total of 612 responses were collated from six industries
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