Deloitte India CFO Survey 2014

The Deloitte India CFO Survey 2014 provides a perspective on how CFO opinions are evolving with respect to the changing global scenarios, slowing consumer demand, and increasing organizational pressures to maintain margins.

This report gives the CFO's opinion with respect to the changing economic and global scenarios, slowing consumer demand and increasing organizational pressures to maintain margins and profitability. It also provides CFOs with analysis and information on their peers' thinking on a cross section of topics including economic outlook, financial market dynamics, business trends, as well as their organizations and functional roles.

Key Survey Highlights

  • The medium to longer term optimistic sentiments recorded in the 2013 Deloitte India CFO Survey continue to prevail, as more than two-thirds (68%) CFOs continue to be positive and hopeful about the future state of the Indian economy, beyond the one year horizon.
  • Almost 60% of CFOs consider slowdown in the domestic economy as one of the key economic concerns, followed by rupee depreciation and volatility, inflation and lack of political direction.
  • From an industry perspective, over 50% CFOs are finding it difficult to achieve and sustain market growth. Another aspect dampening their sentiments is the increase in cost structures, as a result of inflation and other factors, together with the paucity of the desired talent pool.
  • Given the prevailing uncertainty in the markets, almost 45% CFOs do not anticipate any notable change in their current organizational strategies in the immediate future.
  • Close to 50% believe managing costs, followed by increasing enterprise risk, and changing regulatory requirements, to be the most critical organization-specific challenges.
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