Millennial CFO

Paradigm shift in the role of Millenial CFOs

CFOs have historically helped firms run well by keeping their operations on budget, on time, and on target. However, businesses need to be more agile than ever before. The CFOs today are eliminating rigid silos, standardizing and integrating processes, and creating systems for businesses to respond faster to changing market, customers, and regulatory changes.

The report was released at CII’s 9th CFO Summit 2015

The 9th edition of CII CFO Summit is focused on the New Age — next generation CFOs, a tech savvy visionary who is ‘adept to adapt’ to any evolving situation and thus bringing in the ‘CFO being the key protagonist in the dynamics of a VUCA world’.

The report highlights the roles and responsibilities of the quintessential “Millennial CFO” and delves into relevant pieces of: role of a startup CFO; voices of women leaders; role of innovation and technology in driving business growth; and corporate governance in an effort to cover all aspects of being a wellrounded finance leader.

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