Fantasy Sports

A catalyst for the sports economy

Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports and Deloitte

The 2023 Union Budget saw an 11% increase in the allocation for sports, signaling a focus on building a strong sporting ecosystem in India. Although more investment and a strong sporting culture are needed to make India a sporting powerhouse, Fantasy Sports (FS) is playing a crucial role in the sports economy by supporting teams and tournaments through sponsorships creating a virtuous cycle of value generation that benefits athletes and bodies that spend on infrastructure and grassroots-level sports.

FS is not only boosting the core underlying sports, but it's also emerging as a major success in the Indian start-up story, with companies building innovative consumer-facing tech products, building skills in advanced fields such as AI/ML, cloud computing, and analytics, and creating indirect revenue generation and job creation. With recent regulatory changes, the FS industry is set to grow responsibly and maximize its contribution to the sports economy and the nation.

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