India-UK Technology Collaborations

Smart cities, digital healthcare, advanced manufacturing and women in technology

Today 30% of Indian population resides in urban centres, with these centres contributing around 65% of India’s GDP. It is projected that urban India will contribute about 75% of the national GDP in the next 15-20 years, while the number of people residing in urban centres doubles to 600 million.

The Smart Cities Mission Program covering 100 cities has been conceptualized by the Government of India to this end. While the Government’s outlay of INR 500 bn (GBP 5.5 bn) to be spend on 100 cities over the next 5 years to transform and rejuvenate these cities may not be enough, it is a beginning made to an ongoing journey to be sustained by citizen expectations and aspirations. The section on smart cities highlights the program and the journey thus far along with opportunities that UK and India can collaborate and partner on.

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