Managing disruption

Disruption is both destructive and creative. It ravages complacency and thrives on agility, nimbleness and adaptivity. But then it is certainly not about throwing in some great buzzwords, changing the technology stack and letting the teams figure things out. It is about managing the change, fixing the nuts and bolts and coaching an enterprise through a sustained process. Now, that you have disrupted, the next big question is how to manage that disruption!

Artificial intelligence: Why businesses need to pay attention to artificial intelligence?

November 2017: Understanding how to obtain the maximum benefit from Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technologies requires careful analysis of an organization’s processes, its data, its talent model, and its market. Use of cognitive technologies is not viable everywhere, nor is it valuable everywhere. In some areas, it will become vital.

Blockchain: A revolutionary change or not?

November 2017: Blockchain today may be compared to what the Internet was in the early 1990s. While we have witnessed how the ‘Internet of Information’ has changed our society over the past two decades, we are now entering a phase where Blockchain may do the same by ushering in a new paradigm comprising ‘Internet of Trust’ and ‘Internet of Value’.

Cyber Security: Are digital doors still open?

November 2017: Though most organizations realize the importance of cyber security for their businesses and understand the associated risks, they often come short of a holistic, business-driven and threat-based approach to manage cyber risks. While securing assets is important, being vigilant and resilient in the face of cyber-attacks is imperative.

Augmented/Virtual Reality: Next big thing of digital environment

November 2017: Digital reality is likely to have multiple applications, both consumer and enterprise, in the longer term. Investments in the VR and AR segment are growing, consumers are showing interest, and industry leaders recognize these areas as a potential opportunity for growth.

The Internet of Things: Revolution in the making

November 2017: Indian market players along with the Government will need to focus on developments across IoT technology, manpower skill-sets and business models, in order to build a scalable, conducive ecosystem.

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